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Product Description

With an MSRP of $1199, the Spencer Marston Platinum accessory kit includes 3 top of the line Vector Caliber C10 cues, 1 Vector JB1 break cue, a set of Aramith® Premium Balls, heavy duty beveled black 8/9 ball racks, deluxe black horsehair brushes, black maple bridge cue, matching black 7 cue deluxe roman rack, Tweeten Tip repair kit, 6-in-1 Tip Tool, Aramith® ball cleaner, talc bag, BCA rule book, and your choice of a black or brown heavy duty table cover. This kit exemplifies pro standards right in your home gameroom.

  • 3 Vector Caliber C10 Cues
  • 1 Vector JB1 Break Cue
  • Aramith Premium Ball Set
  • Heavy Duty 8 Ball Rack in Black
  • Heavy Duty 9 Ball Rack in Black
  • Deluxe Horsehair Bed Brush in Black
  • Deluxe Nylon Rail Brush in Black
  • Maple Bridge Cue in Black
  • Brass Bridge Head
  • Roman Rack 7 Cue in Black
  • Tweeten Tip Kit
  • Heavy Duty Cover (Black or Brown)
  • 6 in 1 Tip Shaper
  • Aramith Ball Cleaner
  • Talc Bag
  • BCA Rule Book

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