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Our tables, made with care by the craftsmen at Spencer Marston, are built better so you can play better—their standards exceed Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Tournament specifications. Treat yourself to an extraordinary recreational experience.

Premium Quality Pool Tables

Built Better to Play Better

All of our tables are built to tournament specifications, featuring 1-inch, 3-piece slate construction for the most accurate play. Each table is constructed from 100% solid hardwood. Support beams stabilize each table and ensure a solid, level playing surface.

Frame Construction

While other manufacturers cut corners with fiber or particle board in their frames, Spencer Marston tables use only high-quality hardwood for support beams. Speaking of beams, only the highest quality tables feature beams running the length of the frame, versus only crossbeams. The max-support dual beam construction includes two center beams to stabilize the frame and provide additional slate-leveling contact points.

Finally, each leg is attached to the table frame by threaded aluminum inserts, providing durable, precision assembly.

Rail Construction

The cushions are the most critical aspect of the rail system. Naturally, Spencer Marston wouldn't settle for anything less than cushions that meet or exceed regulation specifications set forth by the Billiard Congress of America for tournament-grade cushions, with a consistent nose height to maintain optimum performance and consistency in play.

The sub-rail (or rail liner) is invisible once the table is assembled. It's what the rubber is attached to and it's the part of the rail that comes in contact with the slate and allows the rails to be fastened to the slate. All our sub-rails are made of solid hardwood and have aluminum inserts at three locations in every rail, which allow for maximum torque on the connecting bolts, making the rails as tight as possible.

The rail caps on our tables are made of solid hardwood to enhance the furniture appeal of your table, and to stand up to potential abuse from cue scrapes. Each rail has three coats of high-density polyurethane for maximum protection and sheen. The benefit of solid wood is that it can be refinished if damage does occur over time.

Slate Construction

All our tables have 1" thick, three-piece slate. The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) requires that the slate on tournament tables be 1" thick, and all our tables have this 1" thick slate in three pieces. It will provide the truest and most accurate play, and is diamond-honed to within +/-.3mm.

A three-piece slate offers the best performance. With three matched pieces of slate, each can be leveled individually to achieve a perfect level.

Framed slate has an MDF liner attached directly to the bottom of each piece of slate. MDF provides a solid, secure location for stapling cloth, quiets the table and will not split or crack, which allows the table to be moved and reassembled repeatedly without damage.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each table is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Spencer Marston quality and construction makes this possible.


Pool Table Buyer’s Guide

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