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Questions to Ask When Buying a Pool Table

Buying a pool table is a big investment, and there are several questions you need to ask to ensure you get the right table that will both fit your space and best match the people who will be playing on it.

How Much Space Do You Have?

It's important you fit the table to the room size, and not try to get the room to accommodate the table size you've decided upon.
Read our Recommendations for Pool Table Room Size.

Who Will Be Playing on the Table?

The people playing on the table will influence the size you should get.

  • The whole family: A 7- or 8-foot table is the best choice. If you have the space, get an 8-foot table.
  • Children and friends: Get a 7-foot table. A smaller table is easier to play on for smaller people. On a smaller table, the shooting distance is shorter, and it's easier to get shots into pockets. Also consider getting shorter cues for the kids (48" or 52").
  • Adults: Get an 8- or 9- foot table. Keep in mind that a 9-foot table can be more challenging to play on (but that can be a good thing!)

What's the Skill Level of the Players?

  • Beginners and casual players: Lean towards smaller tables to achieve more success and enjoyment. You don't have to make shots to have fun, but on smaller tables, the ratio of pocket size to table size is bigger, and it's easier to make shots!
  • Competitive experienced players: Get the largest table your space can accommodate. On bigger tables, pocket openings look, feel and seem smaller, even though they're the same size, providing more of a challenge to competitive or advanced players.

Which Room Will the Table Be Placed In?

Will the room the pool table be placed in be used for other activities?

  • Room will be used primarily for pool: Get the table that best fits the room size. Keep in mind the guides for room size are the minimum recommended sizes.
  • A family room with plenty of space: Consider the skill level of the players to select the size. To add more family fun, get a table tennis top (for 7- and 8-foot tables)!
  • The table will be used sparingly, located in a large game room or man cave (this is pretty common): Select a table that will easily fit the space available. Keep in mind that selecting a 9-foot table just because you have the space may not be the best choice. Typical players have more success and enjoyment on an 8-foot table.
  • If you don't have a separate game room but do have a good-sized dining room, consider a dining room conversion pool table
  • Do you have a good-sized deck or patio? Consider an outdoor pool table. This table comes with a dining top that converts to a table tennis top for even more game fun!

Regardless of which room you place the pool table in, it's ideal to let the table be the focus of the game play area. Don’t have any other large pieces of furniture close by (like a sofa) that players will have to maneuver around. Keep the surrounding area clear of other clutter, like small plants or floor lamps that could get in the way of play.

Do You Have to Work Around Load-Bearing Supports?

If you have a load-bearing support pole/column in your room, the ideal table placement is to have the supports at the side of the table. If you have to locate it at an end, it is best to situate the table so that the pole is at the break end (vs. the foot or rack end) of your table.

Protect Your Table!

Regardless of what table size you decide to get, you should get a table cover to protect your investment from spills, people and pet hair or other mishaps.


Pool Table Buyer’s Guide

Invest in family fun by adding a pool table into your home.