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White Glove Installation

White Glove Installation offers you our highest level of service and convenience and gives you peace of mind that from shipment to delivery to installation, your table will be handled by professionals.
We have a network of 250 certified pool table installers that we work with across the 48 states.

If you are not an experienced pool table installer, we highly recommend purchasing White Glove Installation services.

With White Glove Installation:

  • All pool table boxes and crates are shipped directly to the local certified billiard table installer.
  • The installer will inspect the pool table to ensure there was no damage in transit.
  • The installer will contact you to arrange a delivery and installation date and time.
  • The local installer delivers and professionally installs the table in one visit.
  • Care and maintenance instructions are provided.

You need to be present during installation to ensure exact placement of the table. You will have packaging to discard or recycle after the installation is completed.
Before the installer leaves, you will need to inspect the table and confirm that it has has been installed to your satisfaction.

White Glove Installation Cost: $399.99 for most locations.

(Choose the White Glove Installation option when you are customizing your table)

NOTE: There are a few possible exceptions where an installation surcharge may apply, such as installs in remote locations, islands or high-density metro areas, unusual or limited setup needs or stairs. If you suspect your situation might be challenging, call us first to get an installation quote.


Table ships to your desired location via freight carrier. You are responsible for checking the pool table components for damage, unloading them from the truck, and arranging professional installation.
Each box weighs up to 250 lbs, so you will need several strong helpers at the time of delivery.
NOTE: Unless you are a certified pool table installer, we highly recommend choosing White Glove Installation. If you or your chosen installer damage the table or assembles the table incorrectly, the Spencer Marson Warranty will be voided.

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