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Pool Table Lights

Pool table lights aren't just an accessory - they're a necessity. Whether you're a casual player or a serious pool enthusiast, pool lights are an essential addition to any game room. They provide the necessary illumination to make accurate shots, eliminate shadows causing eye-strain, and create an atmosphere that's perfect for enjoying a game of pool with friends and family. Without a pool light, you're missing out on an essential element that can make all the difference in your playing experience. So, if you want to create a game room that's both functional and inviting, be sure to invest in a pool light - your eyes (and your game) will thank you!

Looking for a specific style? For your convenience, we've sorted them for you: Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional (a mix of modern and traditional).

Pro Tip: Hang your light before the table arrives. Electricians will thank you for not having to work around the table, and installers will have an easier time centering the table when the light is already in place. We recommend: 70" to 72" from the floor to the bottom of the lamp shade; or if the table is already in place, then 38" to 40" from the playfield ("felt") to the bottom of the lamp shade.



Pool Table Buyer’s Guide

Invest in family fun by adding a pool table into your home.