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Vector Caliber C50

Caliber C50

The Caliber C50 is a lot of cue for the money. All genuine 8 point inlays and veneers in a high-low configuration. Each point has Black, Orange, Rosewood and Maple veneers. These are real points that come to a precisely carved tip unlike most points in cues today

MSRP $229.00
$159.95 each
Butt Cap Black Phenolic with the Vector logo
Joint 5/16-18 with a Stainless collar and black with silver rings
Sleeve Rosewood with multiple maple indexed rings
Wrap Black with white spec Irish Linen
Shaft 29 inch Hard Rock Maple with a Pro 12 inch taper
Forearm Maple with Rosewood points and multiple veneers
Tip 13mm Medium Hard