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Our Cloth Options

Pool table cloth is a very important part of a pool table. It affects the look, the feel, the performance, the durability and the enjoyment you’ll get out of your table. We offer several cloth options on our tables. What are the pros and cons of each, and is it worth it to upgrade?

Championship Saturn, Our Standard Cloth

Standard cloth is included with any table we sell, and is intended for recreational play. Over time pilling will occur, and the cloth is susceptible to spills and stains. Standard cloth will need occasional brushing to remove the fuzz/loose fibers.

Worried About Spills and Stains? Get Championship Invitational With Teflon™ Cloth

The next step up is cloth that is soaked in Teflon™ solution that makes it resistant to spills and stains. If a spill does occur, the liquid beads up, so it’s much easier to clean up. While the cloth resists spills soaking in, it’s still a good idea to blot or absorb spills when you notice them. If you let them sit overnight, there might be some absorption.
This cloth also needs regular brushing maintenance to remove fuzz/loose fibers. There are companies that spray their cloth with a Teflon spray. This type of application only treats the surface of the cloth. When the cloth gets stretched and attached to the bed of the table, it‘s possible that the coating will not be evenly dispersed, leading to uneven play. Since our cloth is soaked in Teflon ™ solution, the protection goes all the way through.

Want the Cloth Professionals Use for Fast, Accurate Play? Upgrade to Simonis 860 Cloth

Simonis Cloth is a beautiful, high-precision cloth that achieves the smoothest, most accurate and consistent play surface available. This cloth plays FAST! If you’re an intermediate to advanced player, this is the cloth for you. If you’ve watched professional tournaments on television, or played in high-end pool rooms, you’ve seen and played on Simonis 860. Simonis cloth is the finest billiards cloth you can buy. It's a worsted wool fabric, similar to that used in a fine suit. It’s been made at the Simonis factory in Verviers, Belgium since 1680. It has several important benefits:

  • Simonis cloth’s tight weave naturally repels liquid spills and stains, and prevents penetration of dirt and chalk dust, thus greatly increasing the fabric’s life, as well as making it easy to clean.
  • Any small damage to Simonis cloth will not grow or spread as it does with lesser-quality cloths.
  • The tightly-woven cloth doesn’t pill, fuzz or shed fibers.
These qualities ensure consistent ball spin and straight ball rolls, which means faster and truer play. Simonis cloth is nap-free so it doesn’t need brushing, but it will periodically need chalk dust removed from it with the Simonis X1 Cloth Cleaner.

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