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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery & Installation

I don't live nearby any of your stores, is my pool table delivery still free?

We offer free home delivery to more than 95% of all residences within the Continental U.S. (excluding AK and HI). There are a few exceptions where a delivery surcharge may apply, so if you live in a rural area that is 30 miles or more away from a city or a location where access by a freight delivery truck might be restricted, you can call us at (800) 682-9280 to confirm that free delivery is available to your home address.

What about Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the U.S.?

We don't deliver to AK, HI or outside of the U.S., but we can accommodate any customer who is arranging their own delivery. We will coordinate a pickup from any one of our warehouses (NJ, GA or UT) with the freight carrier of your choice at no extra charge. Tell them to expect a palletized load of approximately 1,000 pounds. In this case, any shipping damage is the responsibility of your carrier so be sure you have adequately insured your shipment. If you live outside of the U.S. we will need to coordinate your payment via wire transfer so please contact us via email at for those instructions.

My game room isn't yet complete so I'd like to schedule my delivery some time in the future, is that possible?

Yes, we can hold a pool table order in our warehouse for up to six months for no extra charge. Just complete your checkout on our website or by phone at (800) 682-9280 and when we call you to schedule delivery, indicate that you want the order placed on hold for a while. Then give us a call at least two weeks in advance of when you'd like your pool table installed.

I want to use my own installer, is that possible?

Yes, an experienced pool table installer will be able to uncrate, assemble and complete the installation of any one of our tables. Instructions are included to assist any installer that is unfamiliar with the Spencer Marston product line. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by improper installation, so it's best to use our installers when possible.

Can I install the table myself?

If you've never installed cloth on a pool table before or leveled a 3-piece slate bed, then it's highly unlikely you would be successful installing any high quality pool table yourself. In most cases, an installer will charge just as much to correct an amateur installation then to have installed it in the first place. Also, damage to the cloth or other elements could render them unusable and you may have to purchase replacement cloth or components to complete your installation. For those reasons, we don't recommend that customers attempt their own installation.

I'm deciding between White Glove & Standard Installation, what are the main differences?

Both installation options result in the same outcome; your table will be properly installed and ready for immediate use. The difference between these options has to do with your participation.

With Standard Installation, you will be responsible for unloading, inspecting and moving the pool table boxes from the freight carrier's truck parked in front of your home (freight trucks may not always be able to navigate residential driveways), into the room in your home that the table will be installed. Although tables are shipped disassembled, the boxes and crates are quite bulky and extremely heavy. Each piece of slate weighs approximately 200 pounds so you will need two or three strong helpers. If you have help and experience moving items of this weight and bulk, then Standard Installation offers you the best value. Once the table arrives at your home, our installer will make an appointment with you to complete the installation.

With White Glove Installation, all of the pool table boxes and crates are shipped directly to our installer who will carry them into your home on the day of your scheduled installation. You (or someone you designate) will only be responsible for checking that the table is being placed in the right spot in your room. White Glove Installation costs a bit more but saves you time and effort. There are a few exceptions where an Installation surcharge may apply. If you live in a rural area that is 30 miles or more away from a city or one of our certified installers call us first to get an installation quote

What does the 'lift-gate delivery' option mean? Why does it cost extra?

Freight trucks (like the one that carries your pool table from our warehouse to you) are designed to back into commercial loading docks with cargo doors that are 48 inches from the ground. A lift gate is a hydraulic device that will lower the cargo from the back of the truck to ground level. We offer a lift-gate delivery option that will ensure your delivery truck is suitably equipped. If you are planning to take delivery of your own table (as opposed to having it shipped to a depot or to an installer of your choice) we strongly urge you to purchase this option. There is an extra charge associated with it since the freight carrier generally needs to unload the table from a full-size truck to a second, smaller truck that goes to your home.

Product Questions

I don't live nearby any of your stores, is it possible to get samples of the wood finish and cloth colors so I can see how they will match my other furnishings?

Yes, we are happy to ship you finish and cloth samples at no charge. Please call us at (800) 682-9280 or email us at and let us know which finishes or cloth colors you would like samples of.

What's the difference between the slate tables that you sell and the Slatron tables sold by others?

All of our tables use imported 1" thick, 3-piece slate just like the highest quality and most expensive tables from Brunswick and others. Slatron is not slate, it's a marketing term selected for the confusion that it generates. For a durable and high quality playing surface, always insist on real slate.

I'm looking at other tables that use 3/4" or 7/8" slate instead of your 1" slate. What's the difference?

Slate provides a pool table its stable, durable and uniform playing surface and so the thicker the slate, the better your table will perform and the longer it will last. Thinning the slate is just another way that manufacturer's cut costs and compromise quality. A table with less than 1" slate likely has numerous other shortcomings that you won't be aware of until it is in your home.

Financing & Layaway

Can I pay for my table by cash or check instead of using a credit card?

Yes, you can visit any of our stores to pay in cash or check. If no store is convenient to you, call us at (800) 682-9280 and we can enter your order and give you payment instructions.

Do you offer any type of financing for my purchase?

We've researched all of the financing options and none is as attractive as using your own existing credit card for your pool table purchase. You'll get flexible payments and any cash-back or reward points that are available to you on your current credit card with this payment method. If you don't have the available for credit for the full amount of the purchase, consider the layaway option below.

Do you offer a layaway plan?

Yes, we can take a $250 non-refundable deposit which will be applied to the purchase for your table for up to six months. You can make payments of any amount at any time during the layaway period and as soon as your purchase is paid in full, we'll schedule the shipment and installation for you. Layaway is not available during special promotions and discounts. Call us at (800) 682-9280 to arrange a layaway purchase.

Privacy & Legal

We will not share your personal information (name, email, address, phone) with anyone for any reason unless compelled to do so by law. Your information is only used to process your order.


We utilize a secure site for our shopping cart and account management, using encrypted transactions for all your credit card and personal information. When you see 'https' rather than 'http' in your browser's address window when checking out, the data is encrypted as it is passed between your computer and our servers. This prevents outsiders from obtaining personal data or credit card information as it is sent over the internet.

We use ScanAlert, Inc. to perform a comprehensive security audit on our website every day. ScanAlert is used by over 75,000 websites, including over half of the top 500 ecommerce sites, to handle their internet security. This level of security screening exceeds the guidelines set forth by the credit card companies to protect your personal and credit information.


Our order processing software automatically sends out an order confirmation email when an order is received. A ship confirmation email is sent (if the order is shipped via UPS) at the end of the day when the order is shipped. These emails are automatic and are sent by our server software. If you have spam blocking software, you may not be able to receive the emails. If you do not receive an order confirmation email or a ship confirmation email, you can check the status of your order by clicking on My Account in the upper right corner on our website.

We do not send any unsolicited emails. If you wish to receive our email newsletters which include special offers and information about new products, you can join our email news list. You can join this list when you create your account the first time you order, or by clicking on My Account if you already have an account. You have the option to receive emails at most once a week, twice a month, or once a month. All emails will include a link to remove your email address from future newsletter mailings.

Legal Notice accepts no responsibility for the proper use of the products purchased and makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the fitness or applicability of the products we sell for any particular use.


We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all the products we sell, except pool cues with non standard options or engraving. Pool Cues with special options have the full manufacturers warranty. Cues after being chalked are considered used and are not returnable. If you're not satisfied with the product, return it back to us for a full refund, exchange or credit less any shipping costs.. All we ask is that you keep all packing materials and, send the product back to us in as-new condition in the original packaging. No return authorization number is necessary. Just ship it back to us with a note indicating how you'd like us to handle the return. Contact us for details if you are returning a pool table.

What size pool table is right for your space?

Check out our recommendations on pool table room size for tips.