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Product Dimensions

Length 32.3"
Width 18.1"
Height 36.4"

Product Description

Effortlessly cook delicious wood-fired pizza with our portable outdoor pellet pizza oven. Constructed with ease of use and convenience in mind, it can quickly be disassembled for cleaning and storage. This versatile oven can reach temperatures of 1112°F (600°C) in just 20-30 minutes, allowing you to bake a fresh Italian-style pizza in just 60-90 seconds.

With a spacious interior that can accommodate 16" pizzas, maneuvering is a breeze. Fueled by wood pellets, this oven produces crispy, flavorful pizza that your family will adore. With a visible glass door, you can easily monitor the cooking process. Choose between a sleek stainless steel or classic black design.

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