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Vector Caliber C15

Caliber C15

The Caliber C15 from Vector Cues is a really sharp cue made with a Goncola wood forearm and butt sleeve. The sleeve has Multiple maple rings and idexed rings of maple on each side of the stainless joint collar. Four points made of maple with multiple black and maple veneers extend in to the Regis wood forearm. Additional features include a layered medium hard tip, hard rock maple shaft with a 10-12 inch pro taper and a UV resistant polyeurethane finish. This is a beautiful cue at a great price.

MSRP $159.95
$119.95 each
Joint 5/16-18 with a stainless steel collar
Sleeve Regis wood with multiple maple rings
Length 58 Inches
Wrap Genuine irish Linen Black with White speck
Shaft Hard rock maple with 10-12 inch pro taper
Forearm Beautifully Grained Regis wood with 4 Maple points
Tip Medium hard leather layered tip