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Vector Caliber C10

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The features of the C10 at this price. Unbeatable. Genuine Black and White speck Irish linen wrap, stainless joint collar, rosewood butt sleeve, rosewood points inlayed with maple, black, orange and green veneer. Additional features include an adjustable 18-21 ounce weight bolt system, 10-12 inch pro tapered hard rock maple shaft and high tech UV resistant polyeurethane finish. You will not find a better value at this price.

Butt Cap Black Phenolic with the Vector logo
Joint 5/16-18 with a Stainless collar and black with silver rings
Sleeve rosewood
Shaft 29 inch Hard Rock Maple with a Pro 12 inch taper
Forearm Maple with Rosewood points and multiple veneers
Tip Medium Hard
Weights Available in 18-21 ounce weights
MSRP $139.95  You Save: 28.6%

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