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Simonis 860HR Cloth

860HR Cloth

The 860HR (High Resistance) by Simonis is the most durable commercial-grade billiard cloth on the market. The 860HR has quickly becoming the most popular choice by tournament operators, bar owners & home table owners. This cloth is napless and provides the consistent Simonis roll. We have this cloth available in two colors, Tournament Blue and Simonis Green. The cloth you’ll receive will be pre-cut for you. We offer this in 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft cuts. The 860HR plays faster than traditional 860 Simonis, but slower then 760.

MSRP $285.00
$250.00 each
Blend 70% Wool & 30% Nylon
Speed Fast, Faster than 860 but slower than 760
Stain resistance Natural Resistance
Finish Worsted